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Emperor's Domination Novel Review

Emperor's Domination Novel Review
picture by :
Helluww guys, wihtin my blog, we have so much topic or information that i want to share with  everyone, today i'll gonna give ya a review about one of my favourite web novel's. it's called Emperor's Domination. Let's Go!.

Emperor's Domination
Type                       : Web Novel
Genre                     : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mature, Mystery, Xuanhuan
Language               : Chinese
Author                   : Yan Bi Xiao Sheng
Status                     : 2756 (On Going)
Licensed                : Yes
Original Publisher :
Translator               : Bao

Yeah, it's Chinese novel dude. honestly i can't read mandarin character at all nyahahaha. Usually i read this web novel from I'm already falling in love with this webnovel from chapters 1 until now, in this webnovel currently translated in Chapters 1043, so you guys can slowly read it and i guaranteed that you will like it.

Well, Let's process into the more basic introduction, it's very important because you guys need to clearly understood bout this basic, and in the future i'll posting another review with another genre & style. This webnovel is completely fantasy, it contains human, devil, monster, goddes, fairy etc. It contain superpowers, like those character can move mountain, split the ocean, calling for rain, thunder, speaking about suuuper human or with insane ability and heavenly beauty. So, one of my reason to enjoy this type webnovel is that i can imagine and fantasize as much as i can, we can have different enjoyment in reading novels, not just like real story or like biography etc. Ya know whut i mean right?? we experience difference culture, genre, writing style,strory, background to learn how beautiful this world, and how amazing our human kind is.

Okay, jump into the story. This World called nine world, which has the main ruler called as Immortal Emperor which ruler the heavens. But, a thousand years ago Immortal Empror era has ended because of some event. Our main character which named Li Qiye is a superrr old dude that has lived million of years. Li Qiye was imprisoned before, until he had regained his mortal body. He became a disciple of the declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect where its patriarch used to be his disciple. Now he will bring this sect back to its former glory.

Emperor's Domination Novel Review
picture by :
Simply put, this story is all bout his revenge on whose had imprisoned him, about meeting old friends and making new companions. Li Qiye is the one whose called Emperors Theacher. Why?? Because in million years, Li Qiye with his insane power, secret, knowledge and tehnique, guide many many many Immortal Emperors from young, teaching them,and help them gained the throne. Li Qiye who didn't have mortal body, had many forms, dark crow, paper hat boys, scollar boys etc to reach his disciples. some people called him the dark hand across the age, because he rule and protect the nine world from behind the scene.

Many people viewed him as a hero, but many people viewed him as a villain too, most cruel villain.

Yeah, from start when he gain his mortal body, he just doesn't hide anything, as a mere mortal he wrecking super powerful cultivators (super human) and beating the enemy. quite hillarious, he is badass, overbearing, arrogant, too powerful and he has a 13 years old young boy. Yep, you hear me, a million years OP old dude with 13 years old young boy appearance. lol. 

Emperor's Domination Novel Review
picture by:
Emperor's Domination is full of arrogance. Li Qiye is the most arrogant MC I have read about so far.The thing is, he's millions of years old and at chapter one has now finally moved out of his 'prison' of a crow body and has a human body now. So you have a mortal MC who is aiming for the apex (Immortal Emperor, of which there can only be one in any era), and has not only raised Immortal Emperors throughout the ages, but has also learned secrets and created sects while placing treasures around the lands in expectation for the day he's free to cultivate without being a prisoner.

So it's safe to say that his arrogance matches his power and the secrets he possesses. This is literally a story of Emperor's Domination, so if that interests you then you should read it.

Trust me when I say that the verbal smack talks are just as entertaining as the following smack downs.

Well, i wont say much anymore dude, you can try to read it by yourself to prove it!. Personally, thanks for your visit in my blog, i hope you can enjoy it. Feel free to comment below, and i hope we can be friend to share more knowledge. please dont forget to like my post. see ya in my next review. 

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