How to Get a Perfect Beard

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so many celebrities or your friends  have shown just how much a beard can change your face. The right beard can transform you into a new man. The wrong beard can do the same, but for the worst possible reasons. How do you grow your best beard?.

Theres some major insight as to the very best way to let facial fuzz grow. It won't be easy, but the transformation just might be worth it.

You'll Have to Develop a Routine

Ok, so you've got the basics of maintenance and styling down. Perfect! Once you've experimented to discover what works exactly, stick with it.

Routine can help your hair flourish. Going to the barber, doing hair masks, and shaving weekly might all be your keys to your best beard. You're in this for the long haul, so it's best to get to know which strategies lead to your best beard and to follow those.

It's Going to be Necessary to Perfect Your Exact Beard Style

Listen, you're not a barber. Nobody expects perfection. Shaping and styling your beard isn't easy. There are many things to consider (face shape, color, hair type, skill level, etc.), so don't get overwhelmed.

The easiest strategy? Your beard can be bulky, but you should keep it uniform. To get it right, go over your entire beard with the trimmer. Start under your neck, and shave upward. Cover all areas where your beard grows, but stop at the bottom of your ear to properly blend your beard into your sideburns. No matter what, if you screw it up, that's ok. It can be fixed. And if it can't, it's just hair. It'll grow back. Easy dude :D 

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You'll Need to Examine and Evaluate Your Facial Hair

To be your best self, you must first know yourself. Your facial hair is no exception. What kind of hair do you have? Look into texture, length, thickness, and more. They'll all give you insight as to the type of facial hair that may work best for you.

For example, if you have a mustache, you might want trim it down while you let your beard come in for a few days. The mustache should match or appear somewhat similar. Depending on your growth rate, it will probably take less than a week for your mustache and beard to eventually match in both texture and length.

While letting your beard grow in, take note of how short your beard can be before you can start seeing patchy areas. This will determine what style of beard you can pull off without it looking inconsistent. 

Hair coming in thick and even? Go for a fuller look. Is it getting patchy? Keep it shorter and neatly trimmed to look sharp. If you’re not entirely sure, ask a barber’s advice. He’ll be able to break down your hair texture and advise you on the style that matches.

You Should Learn The Ins and Outs of Proper Beard Maintenance

Once you know what kind of hair you have and which beard style you're aiming for, you can seek out the proper tools to maintain it. Whether it's beard oil or an electric razor, there are options and most of them can be specifically chosen to fit your needs. For example, if you have ethnic hair, it may be best for you to find special razors from companies like Walker & Co. that can work with your hair type.

No matter what you're working with, a pair of adjustable clippers with different attachments can help you trim and shape as you begin your full beard quest. They'll help maintain as time goes on.

It Takes Patience

And once you've found what works and made it part of your schedule, it's time to hurry up and wait. The goal length and period of time is up to you, but either way, don't expect results overnight.

It can take months to get to your perfect beard. But once the blessed day comes, you'll be happy to say you did it. Or maybe you'll end up looking like Al Pacino. The only way to know is to wait it out. yeah man :D.


  1. I'll send this article to my husband, Mas. Let him examine and evaluate his facial hair. It his ambition to have a perfect beard, but still hasn't grow that much.

  2. wuah, aku kira judulnya doang yang bahasa inggris. ternyata keseluruhan isinya. hahaha

    cowokokku juga punya beard. tapi gak seperfect itu sih. jambang perfect macam itu bukannya dimiliki oleh orang-orang tertentu? yaaa, maksudku gak semuanya.. Begitu kah?

  3. Iya, kek yang Rhoos bilang...keknya ga semua cowo bisa tumbuh alami tanpa obat.
    Haruskah pakai penumbuh bulu eh, rambut?

    im so sorry that my comment use Indonesian language.
    Coz im sure that im lack of (use) it.

  4. Wuih pria berjambang, hehehe..kalau saya suka nyuruh suami cukur-cukur jambang, geli lihatnya,

  5. My hubby is one of kind beardless man. And I love it. I just feel ticklish when touched by bulky beard. Hmm, but it looks so stylish 😁😁😁.

    Sorry for my poor english yes v^^

  6. I see Al Pacino wkwkw, having a beard such a tricky for some men I think bc it will need some treatments . Tapi lebih sukaan laki2 tanpa beard sih lebih muda hihi

  7. Suamiku cuma bisa janggut yang tumbuh, jambang ga bisa tumbuh:)

  8. Aku ga suka cowo berjenggot lebat. Dan doi kayanya juga bulu janggutnya jarang-jarang. Hmmm

    Gatau mau komentar apa lagi. Hehe

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    Dulu suka di katakan kalau nyapu gak bersih dapat suami brewok..., Syukurnya ada pencukur ya ..hahaha