Against The Gods Novel Review

Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. Cloud’s End Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s Cemetery.

Over countless years, the number of people that have fallen off this cliff is too high to count. None of them, even three stronger than god masters, whose power could pierce the heavens, have been able to return alive. However, a boy that’s being chased by various people because he alone holds a priceless treasure jumps off the cliff, but instead of dying he wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world!. This is the story of a boy wielding the Sky Poison Pearl, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven and earth, a lord overlooking the world!. Our MC name is Yun Che, let's see how he walkin' in this cultivation worlds. Well, that was the synopsis. Then let's talk about my review about this novel. 


I used to love this novel for the starting 200-300 chapters. Sure there was nothing new in this novel as the novel borrows most of the elements from other novels of Xianxia/Xuanhuan category (Talented protagonist being reincarnated into a "trash"/ Super powerful & All-knowing Master who lacks true body (Jasmine) / MC (Main Character) having super OP (Over Powered) treasure) but it was still fine given I liked the MC’s personality. 

Now it has become totally repetitive. It’s annoying to see every idiot out there claiming how strong they are and then getting their asses kicked by Yun Che. It was fun at start but now their arrogant attitude is annoying the hell out of me especially seeing no villain has any brains... they are just stupid villains who continue to underestimate Yun Che even after knowing that he can easily defeat opponents far beyond his level.

The other thing I’m hating is how easily Yun Che easily overcome every trouble. No matter how strong the oppponent is he always gains new power or find help during the middle of a battle. He might use all his stamina and author would highlight that it's impossible for MC to continue but then MC would easily overpower dozen of strong guys... There are events which author would hype to showcase that MC is deep crisis but then resolve the said crisis by giving MC heaven defying treasure or legacy. The plot armor is too thick. It’s like all the treasures and legacies are waiting for MC.

Romance and harem in the series are totally annoying. Author really sucks in the romance department. Most of the female love interest are one dimensional idiots with no personality at all. His past life love interest, his little aunt, the princesses from Blue Wind Empire and Phoenix Empire... their personality are completely same (Kind hearted plus naive and stupid). Its like author just changes name of the female character but they are all same including their jade like skin! You wouldn’t find a single girl interesting. And those who are interesting at start will soon turn into one dimensional after falling for Yun Che’s awesomeness *cough* Little Fairy *cough*.

The baddest part is how author keeps on saying how awesome Yun Che is. Plus author would tell us about his abilities multiple times in a chapter. We already know he can defeat opponents far beyond his level and that he has support of many legacies but there is no need to be a fangirl in every chapter and repeat this in every chapter which has action. Of course character shilling is important in such novels but there is a limit.

If you want to look more into my honest opinion, why i can't say that i like this novel;
  1. So much potential initially. The LN (Light Novel) had interesting thematic areas initially which seemed interesting. There was time travel, mysterious origin of MC and that chick in the pearl and so on. After reading it till ch 600, I can say this without doubt that it all turned absolute stupid things :O.
  2. The MC and the villians are all soooooo stupid. They are all basically pyschopaths and sadistic egotistical genocidal maniacs. The MC basically kills of 70, 000 innocents just because one of the idotic young master of the rival clan kidnapped the MCs grandfather and aunt (although they treated them nicely).
  3. It seems all the good luck of all people seems to fall in hands of MC. He has phoenix blood, Phoenix Ode skill (high level skill), Two absolute heaven defying treasures which are just TOOOOO OP, he has evil god's blood (INCREDIBLY OP), he has evil god's seed (water and fire seed which make him 100% invulnerable to any type of flames/fire attacks from ANYONE as well as water based attacks invulnerability from ANYONE), he has dragon god's blood, dragon god's marrow, he has OP sword, skills and techniques from God realm from an OP teacher who resides in one of the MC's treasures and the teacher of MC herself is too OP. Apart from this, do not get me started on all the other different treasures and skills which just seem to fall on his lap and also his luck with the ladies. It too much.
  4. The MC is basically so powerful with his divine skills and abilities that he can defeat someone who is two whole F'ing realms higher than him (20 stages above him). Even though author repeatedly stresses that the difference between two realms is like heavens and earth.
  5. The cultivation system is never really explained at all. How is earth profound realm any different from sky profound realm except that they have more profound energy??... There is almost no distinction between the cultivation realms except just more energy.
  6. Author made MC so OP from the start that he is now struggling to keep him at lower levels 7. deliberately so that tension can be retained in the novel. LIKE SERIOUSLY, in chapter 500 or so, MC is rewarded tyrant profound pill which if taken then it can help the cultivator no matter which realm he is in to immediately break through to tyrant profound realm. Currently, MC in chap 500 or so, when he is offered this pill is already in 10 stage of profound sky realm and he can already kill 8th stage tyrant profound ream expert. If he had taken the pill, then he would have immediately become an overlord of entire profound sky continent and demon realm. BUT, he just gave away this pill to some no name relative who had appeared for no more than a dozen chapters for no reason at all.... ohh mann -_-" . I mean, its fine if author wishes to deliberately keep the MC weak to retain tension but atleast do it in more logical and rational manner.
  7. Author always finds ways to justify the cruel actions of MC in good light which even a person who had IQ lower than 10 would not accept. I do not have any issue with anti-hero MC or even villianous MC. But author constantly tries to portray MC in heroic and just way which just feels annoying and frankly, it just feels like author thinks the readers are just plain stupid.


  1. Untuk nonton film atau drama, aku bisa ambil genre fantasi. Tapi kalau baca, em nanti dulu. Kadang suka bingung gitu sih sama kekuatan A, B, atau C

    Yang pasti, aku kurang terlalu suka tokoh yang amat sangat baik kaya malaikat. Meski fantasi, maunya tetap manusiawi

  2. I used to reading a novel, but fantasy honestly is not my genre, I never read it yet! After read your review I think I have to try read new genre to find new sensation and new prespective also

  3. 7 reasons of not liking the novel is enough for me to verdict. :D :D please bring me tiger wong and street fighter!

  4. I never read chinese novel yet, but i thought that this novel will be awesome if becomes a cartoon series on tv.

  5. Wah review nya dalam banget ya. Aku beberapa kali baca novel fantasi memang kecewa, mending nonton film sekalian. Jadi penulis novel fantasi itu harus bebas imajinasi nya, makanya ga smua penulis bisa

  6. Wow, reviewnya in english. Novelnya in english juga ato bahasa Cina nih?

  7. Keren euui...di reviewnya pakai bahasa Inggris.
    Dan keren juga masih bisa baca komik.
    komik sudah membuatku hilang semangat.

    Mungkin karena jalan ceritanya sangat berbeda sama komik jamanku dulu yaa..

  8. Aku belum sanggup sih baca novel fantasi, biasanya webtoon fantasi. Soalnya kalo komik kan gambarannya jelas ya.

    Tapi kayaknya novel ini boleh deh ku keep ntar, hehe. Penasaran banget sama karakter MC nya, hoho

  9. Enak ya jadi MC-nya, punya kekuatan super power yang kyknya gak terkalahkan gtu hehe :D
    Tapi memang gtu itulah novel bergenre kyk gtu, kdng buat org yg rasional nggemesin kok kuat amat karakter MC-nya :D haha #imho yaa

  10. Udah lama gak baca komik model begini. MC nya keliatan keren ya, penasaran jadinya

  11. After reading your review, I didn't get interested in reading this book. Even though, actually I also had never read fantasy novels. Hahaha.

  12. Kurang menikmati novel beginian...,
    Sukanya roman cinta..islami. walau kadang gak masuk akal..tetap menikmati ..hahaha