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Overgeared Novel Review


As Shin Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy!.

However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary class player. Yes, it was Legendary Blacksmith!. See how Grid become the best with his class. Let see what Overgeared mean.

Review :

I like the mc's personality in the beginning, even though the character will be going through character growth based on the announcement in ch1.

MC has clear goals but doesn't seem to be obsessed about it in the game, even though he gambled his real life on it. I like how the MC is not perfect or in other words; a robot hunting for japtem. He still has persistence in his gaming, but it was focused on quest and reputation, which seem to normally be a bad move (?).

Based on his circumstances, he finds a legendary class book. The class does seem really OP but at the same time it's not in the beginning. So far in the story, that class seem to emphasis his new skills rather than levels to improve his "production" in money making. Just to reinforces my statement, I like the mc's personality very much; and he has similar personality as the characters in my fav top novels. I mean something random and trivial reason he became a keyboard warrior for a moment--was pretty funny (and there are more humor towards that end).

People seem to compare this with LMS (Legendary Moonlight Sculptor), so to let my thoughts out; LMS is meh. The world building is fenomenal and the story is epic, but the characters seem to be lacking (MC included). There are many different humanoid races/species, but their individuality seem small and is the reason the MC affects them hard (even if the process of him doing it is clever). The MC in LMS too perfect for my taste, but if you could call his negligence toward his real life, a flaw; then it probably is. But that's not interesting. LMS is basically about a robotic workaholic with epic achievements in his dream job, and develops mostly one-sided social connections with real people--from their end. I'm glad that I didn't trust the reviews or this would have slipped through my hands. I already don't have many novels to follow, so this is good.

As of chapter 110, I know this will be more satisfying than LMS. Why? Because the MC interacted with his family and realized his filial piety. Now he is a member of a guild--a small one--which I suspect the MC will be exposed to camaraderie he never had. This MC will grow as he progress throughout the story.

LMS was exhausting to read, when I was waiting for Weed to do about something big; and every achievement brought change in his surroundings and more power, but NEVER made him grow. Hopefully, the MC in Overgeared will incur some losses along with his Guild; and do self-reflection and redetermination.

If you wanna read the story that have a really nice MC (Main Character) growth, how a childish grown man become a real men, how a coward,unconfidence, greedy,stupid men become aware of this side and gradually overcome all the obstacle. Yep, The story that pretty much alike in a real life nowadays, This novel teach me in many ways. This is the one!.

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  1. I think this is a very good book with full of insight. Ill spend time to find and read this one. Thank you for sharing

  2. It will be nice. We read and we learn a lot, not just having fun. :D

  3. Aku suka karakter yang awalnya lemah lalu kuat seiring berjalannya waktu. Lebih hidup menurutku karena dia berkembang

  4. Just like life ya, Mas. Orang yang lemah seiring waktu akan terus menjadi kuat menghadapi tempaan hidup. Pakai galau kaya aku juga ya kira-kira?

    1. Pasti ada lah mas. Tapi, semua yang dilewati membuat jadi lebih kuat dan bijaksana.

  5. Aaah, novelnya kece. Sayang, aku ga perah baca genre begini. Novel gaming begini cocoknya dijadikan film.

  6. I like the way you tell us about how gaming novel become meaningful book that we need to learn from the MC's life

  7. Wah novel gaming kayaknya pas buat kaka nih yang gamers nanti bakal Eny rekomendasi kedia hhe

  8. Adik saya sangat suka dengan genre ini mba... doi harus liat ini... :)

  9. Ceritanya menarik sepertinya, seiring berjalannya waktu karakter tokohnya menjadi seseorang yang kuat dan bisa diandalkan yaa

  10. Novel2 kyk gini suamiku yg lbh suka. Tapi baca reviewnya, iya sih ada di dunia nyata yg seperti itu, ketika dulu kecilnya kyk apa, dewasanya jd seperti apa. Waktu berjalan terus, begitu pula hidup, dan pada akhirnya ada bbrp org yg berubah.

  11. Banyak pesan moral yg diambil ya. Berarti aku harus baca nih. Bisa diakses dimana?

    Btw kukira MC itu pembawa acara loh. Hahaha

  12. I like the last statement that "... a childish grown man become a real men..."
    Because every person had to be a different moment to grow up become something.

  13. Novel yang seperti ini pastinya selalu memberikan kejutan bagi para pembaca, dimana tokoh utama biasanya akan jauh berbeda antara masa kecilnya dengan masa dewasanya. Apakah novel ini ada versi e-booknya?


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