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Martial World Novel Review

Synopsis :

In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a hero of the land.

Review :

Three things in this novel will fry your brain literally....
  1. Height of Shock
  2. Level of Patience
  3. Random Characters

Let me explain (beware of some minor teasers) : initially novel started out pretty well with a generic story of a weak boy neglected by everyone who stumbles upon the most powerful treasure in the universe. Even his girlfriends end up betraying him initially with useless card hanging around his neck. After gaining the treasure, story becomes slightly more interesting and you might end up reading 100 chapters without skipping. But soon after somethin' follows.

1) Height of Shock : 

From the very start, every idiot, brain dead and what not villian knows that MC is a super rare genius who can fight above levels and has fastest cultivation pace that might leave even bullet train run for it's money. But even after knowing that, brain dead phenomenon kicks in and he/she somehow offends MC.

Villian: you are... (I'm already dying)
Villian: you
Villian: plz don't kill me.
But it doesn't end here..
All the fight scenes too have it.
V (in absolute shock) : what? He stood my super rare ultra badass killer move.
V (in super absolute shock) : nani? How can MC use that move when he's in x level cultivation.
V (in super ultra absolute shock) : omg! He stood my super rare ultra badass killer psychopath sociopath demon slaughter god sucker second move.
V (fried brain) : I never knew you were this strong, first I'll beg for mercy then I'll die together with you and at last I'll die in regret.
(I'm leaving out the audience reaction which are even bizzare as their shock run parallel to MC's breathing and goes something like this: omg! Look this person can breathe through nose. Kya!! He's god and we now are linmaniacs) MC's name is lin something.

This shock thing never disappears for even a paragraph, no matter where MC is. Even his own side suffers from it.

2) Level of Patience:

Actually you will find the villians being the good guys. They're known for rape, slaughter etc... but every villian suffers from this same patience level sickness. They want to kill MC but waits for him to grow. They plan raping, killing, hacking, humiliating the MC's family and friends but keeps on using excuses not to do it until MC returns. No matter the time span they'll wait to execute their plans until MC's on the horizon. Even the top cultivators would wait even though they're being shown as vicious killers. Waiting.. waiting and waiting till they die of old age or MC remebers to kill them. Eg would be good I guess: divine sea powerhouses (most powerful cultivator in MC's homeworld) would wait for years while detaining mc's mortal distant relatives and not doing anything to them (some have just fingers choped off). Suddenly one afternoon MC appears and villians be like let's rape and kill as he's not coming anymore and we've waited enough (subconsciously playing the first to die character role as sixth sense tells them that mc's is hiding in the closet).

3) Random Characters :

There are one trillion random side character whose sole role is to become stepping stone for MC and zero contribution to the story. From the start millions of random characters names being mentioned by the author who are there to show MC's supremacy over just about anything. Author tries a weighing formula, he introduces characters out of his ass as some important person who will play some indispensable role but every character is a disappointment and forgotten in the next couple of paragraphs.

Starting from MC's:
He's there for the sake of being there with no personality. His fav. Monologue -- you want to kill but should I stick my neck out for you to kill me? Wait, till I kill u. MC has no friends, no lover, no rival, no rolemodel, no subordinate etc.. he has fake respect for those higher than him and contempt for those who are lower. Author tries to make look MC as a social person but every chracter who tries to have friendship with MC, has ulterior motives... infact author himself goes to extreme pains to clarify this point.

Character A: omg! His talent is so good, if I can't make friends with him atleast I shouldn't antagonize him.

Character B: hail my ass! The best dicision I've ever made, was to have good relationship with MC.
MC's lover are just as pathetic as side characters who don't even have the names mentioned in the novel.

Author like always tries to pull something out of his ass, such as making the love interests as something unattainable in the future, ppl can only masturbate in their dreams and can never lay their hands on them. Every love interests is introduced as aloof, high birth, super ultra rare heaven defying fap material with extremely high talent which MC can never have. No man has ever even breathe the same air as the love interests and they are only interested to soar higher in the cultivation world.

50 chapter later... their talent is lowly compared to MC, they would be totally dependent on MC even to do smallest of things, they will not have any dreams, wishes, desires, will etc... apart from serving MC wholeheartedly. They'll even struggle to level up without the help of MC.

VILLIANS: millions will be there but they serve no purpose except setting as bar which MC has use as dildo. Even after 500 chapter u'll find the same thing going on with nothing to miss. Frankly even if I don't tell you to skip, u'll skip like 7-8 pages every 5 min. The sooner they appear the faster they disappear.

Only three events are important in the story: 
1) The amazing treasure
2) The MC's luck
3) Transcendance to the realm of gods. (Even after transcendance same thing continues)
Soul less story.... can only be read to pass time, if you are extremely bored to death.
Max reading time is 7 hours to finish up this novel....

P.s. I forgot onething. Authors introduces other chracters as super high ultra...... type genius who just like MC can skip levels and can kill the higher cultivation dolts but infront of MC, the shock level increases so much that they kinda forget jumping levels or using super rare ultra talent that they have.
Initially in the story authortalks about talent as something which can't be ignored but in front of MC, talent be like the dead snake which can beaten up whenever a side character gains some importance...

Audience member 1: omg! MC can do this with his amazing level 3 talent...
Audience member 2: humph... side character A with his level 7 talent is just plain useless, thus hardwork and MC's mommy luck is better than anything called talent.

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