Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro (6GB RAM, 64GB)

Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro (6GB RAM, 64GB)


Well, this Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro have pretty big 6.3 inch LCD screen with fairly thin side bezels and a small, unobtrusive notch. Also, good overall display quality, with especially good brightness levels, though it's not quite as good as the AMOLED panel on the Galaxy M30 (that's the one area where the Samsung phone takes a clear lead). And, we also get software tweaks to adjust the contrast and colour temperature, which is quite nice bruh.


The primary camera is the rear dual camera setup is a huge 48MP sensor, which shoots 12MP at default settings (there is a way to shoot in the sensor's full 48MP resolution if you prefer that, but you'd have to go to the camera's Pro mode for that). In daylight, the performance is good, as expected there's plenty of detail, contrast is good, colors are punchy, and noise is virtually non-existent.

The actual benefit though of the large sensor is that users get sharper 12MP photos with less noise even at high ISO values compared to the regular 12MP sensors, what that means is that the night time shots are the real strong point of the phone, and are surprisingly good for a phone at this price point. There's no prominent noise, details are good and light sources appear to be rather well-preserved.

Additionally, the Night mode really makes a difference by restoring the highlights and bringing out the shadows, and the result is nicely balanced and subjects look more detailed. Portraits with the dual rear cameras are also very good, comparable to much more expensive handsets, the detail is nice while the edge detection is stellar indoor portraits are good too.

With the front camera, the selfies turn out to be quite nice as well there's enough detail from the 13MP snapper and its focus sweet spot is almost a full arm's length so you don't need to get really close to the phone to get the sharpest possible result, the portrait mode also seems to do quite well despite the hardware limitations of the front camera (no secondary unit for depth sensing). Overall, the cameras on the Redmi Note 7 Pro are top-notch.


Looks stunning, with an all glass design, finally Xiaomi has gone the extra mile here and really knocked it out of the park in terms of an exquisite design. This Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro have an excellent, flagship-worthy, premium build quality, Great hand feel.

The front and the back are fitted with Corning's Gorilla Glass 5 with an additional 0.8mm thick layer for extra durability, which is very nice of course, The LED notification light sits comfortably on the chin, it can only be seen when it lights up, it's really subtle, also it have such splash resistant body.

The capacitive fingerprint sensor is easy to reach with your index finger and it also has a different texture, so it's hard to miss, plus it's quick. Apart from the quick fingerprint sensor, the phone also has decently quick AI face recognition (under good light). Unfortunately with it's weight at 186g, it's a bit on the bulky one.

Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro (6GB RAM, 64GB)


The powerful Snapdragon 675 SoC makes sure that the device runs super smooth without performance drops even with complex games. Everything is fast and lag free, this is best in class performance for this price segment.


Xiaomi's custom skin overlay, MIUI, has come a long way and the latest version takes a more simplistic and clean approach. There is also an option to chose between the standard navigation buttons and navigation gestures.


Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro have excellent battery life, as has been the hallmark of the Redmi Note series, the 4000 mAh battery paired with the fairly efficient Snapdragon 675 SoC, makes sure that it easily overtakes some upper mid range and high end smartphones, when it comes to endurance, you will comfortably get a 1.5 to 2 days of use.

Sadly, while the smartphone supports Quick Charge 4.0, the included adapter maxes out at 5V/2A, and though it has a decent charging speed (about 57% in 1 hour), you will have to look for a QC 3 or QC 4 capable brick to enjoy true 'fast charging' mode.


Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Has a modern USB Type-C port like other Redmi phones, the Note 7 Pro also packs a handy IR blaster, which can be used for remote controlling home appliances via the Mi Remote app.


Despite having just a single bottom firing loudspeaker, the handset impresses with a loud sound and it sounds pretty clean at high volumes as well. Also, it's audio quality via headphones is very good too, and loudness remains just as impressive when headphones come into play, one of the highest in the market, let alone the price range.


The Redmi Note 7 Pro is yet another winner from the Xiaomi camp, again going on to redefine the expectations of a budget phone. It's main competition will likely come from the Realme 2 Pro, and here the Redmi Note 7 Pro takes the lead with more premium glass build, faster processor, better battery life and more capable camera. Well done Xiaomi. 


  1. The camera resolution and the storage looks exciting! :D have you experienced using redmi note 7, Kak? What's your opinion?

  2. Smartphone Xiaomi memang terkenal bagus spesifikasinya tapi harganya masih terjangkau dan masuk akal ya. By the way, jadi pengen ganti Redmi Note 7 Pro deh

  3. At my place Redmi Note 7 Pro doesn't have a product, there is also a Redmi Note 7 but it's not a warranty product from TAM. How much is this, bro? cute, but not flash charging, bro right?
    Thnaks for share ^_^

  4. I need smartphone to make video & photo products. Nice to know this review about Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro. I actually need that much RAM and storage (6GB RAM, 64GB). Of course the camera tho. But, how about the price?

  5. Xiaomi ini memang keren.
    Adikku kemarin yang sedang mempertimbangkan ingin ganti gadgt juga menanyakan merk ini...tapi aku kurang info.
    Berkunjung ke blog ini.

    Namun ada yang kurang, berapakah kisaran harga xiaomi redmi note 7 pro?

  6. Aku sampe sekarang pake xiaomi dan masih terus pake xiaomi. Kualitasnya dengan harganya berbanding lurus. Senang banget..... Kameranya untuk foto dan video.... Tetap dihati

  7. Aku penggemar xiaomi, sampek skrng pakai tapi yg pocophone.
    Xiaomi tu termasuk henpon yg pakai teknologi snapdragon namun harganya miring ya. Tapi kualitas gak kalah bagus.

  8. Aku pengguna Xiaomi dan nyaman sampai sekarang. Seri Xiaomi redmi note 7 Pro mantap betul ya. Apalagi kameranya itu. Jadi penhen ganti gawai deh

  9. Seri xiomi ini bikin penasaran pak suami, susah barangnya,banyak yang mauu

  10. Sudah banyak dapet informasi tentang Xiaomi Redmi, rata-rata banyak yang suka dengan kualitasnya. Terutama kameranya yang mendukung pengambilan gambar dan video

  11. Bisa dibilang varian Xiaomi yang ini adalah puncak dari level mid range price sih ya, jadi main aman juga sih, kalaupun mau ganti gadget nanti pun, beli yang sekarang juga gak terlalu mahal.

  12. was amazed every time xiaomi (redmi serial) released its newest mobile series. affordable prices and high quality.

  13. Wow amazing specification this smartphone Xiaomi. The best future ya for generation millennials.