Review Realme XT (8GB/128GB)

Review Realme XT (8GB/128GB)
Monday, October 28, 2019
Review Realme XT (8GB/128GB)


Delightful, alluring, premium glass structure (Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back, a first for Realme), with an advanced angle finish at the back. The smartphone is likewise imperceptibly littler than the Realme X and is lighter too at 183 grams, which gives it an exceptionally adjusted close by feel. 

The glass on the back is of the reflexive kind, however, it scarcely enrolls any fingerprints or smudges and it isn't exceptionally intelligent. The in-show unique finger impression sensor is smart as is facial acknowledgment.


Generally, an excellent 6.4-inch FHD+ (1080x2340) Super AMOLED display with a dewdrop score. It has lively hues, profound blacks, great daylight neatness, and great survey edges, probably the best displays of this value run. It additionally accompanies Widevine L1 standard, which means recordings on platforms like Netflix and Prime can be found in fresh HD resolution.


ColorOS is presently more streamlined than previously and packs quick animations that enable the smartphone to feel smart. There are obviously various extra highlights as well, contrasted with what you would get in stock Android. The UI additionally isn't promotion strewn as ongoing Xiaomi smartphones have would in general be. Tragically, there is, not surprisingly, some bloatware that comes pre-introduced (however a large portion of it very well may be uninstalled).


Generally, excellent performance supported by the incredible Snapdragon 712, which is one of the better mid-go mobile SoCs out there, particularly for gaming. The Realme XT can run graphically escalated games like PUBG on default high graphics gracefully, obviously, everyday use is a breeze as well. Likewise, thermal administration is great as well, the smartphone remains very cool all through gaming sessions.

Review Realme XT (8GB/128GB)


Superb quad-camera arrangement at the back - 64MP essential + 8MP ultra-wide + 2MP full scale + 2MP profundity sensor. Much like the famous 48MP sensor, the 64MP camera likewise works (of course) on a 4 out of 1 pixel binning innovation that joins four 16MP shots to offer one splendid and point by point photographs. 

The essential camera catches some extremely appealing photographs in light, offering great splendor and lucidity, with HDR empowered, the camera offers a wide unique range. The ultra-wide-point camera proves to be useful on the off chance that you need to catch a more extensive casing of view or need an alternate point of view regarding the matter (yet there is some commotion even in sunlight conditions). 

The camera additionally underpins Nightscape (Night mode), which proves to be useful in low-light conditions, and improves picture lucidity. The Realme XT additionally works superbly when utilizing Portrait mode - edge location is magnificent gratitude to the committed 2-megapixel profundity sensor and subtleties are fresh 

Decent video recording performance, the picture quality is great, and there is likewise adjustment at 1080p (however not at 4k). Generally, this is presently seemingly the new camera champ of the classification, turning out somewhat in front of the present chiefs pack - the Realme 5 Pro, the Realme X, and the Redmi Note 7 Pro. 

Tragically, The macro lens point is normal. You will have the option to get truly near the subject, yet the detail levels in the pictures are low.


Great speaker, the verbal sound sounds clear enough even in max volume, and the sound is noisy enough for you to hear the smartphone ring from another room.


Excellent battery existence with a huge 4000mAh battery. You will get about 1.5 days of moderate use. There is VOOC 3.0 quick charging support, which is incredible, you can energize the Realme XT in around 80 minutes.


Indeed, similar to perfected timing, Realme has propelled another champion smartphone with the XT, which sets the benchmark for mid-extend smartphones much higher. 

In any case, more comprehensively, you won't turn out badly with both of the present driving 3 Realme smartphones, Realme 5 Pro (least expensive, Snapdragon 712, however not a premium glass design, not a 'full-screen' display, not an AMOLED display), Realme X (pop up selfie, and 'full-screen' AMOLED experience, yet not a top-notch glass design, and 'just' Snapdragon 710), or the Realme XT (premium glass design, AMOLED display, best camera of the part just barely, Snapdragon 712, yet not a 'full-screen' display), and you can pick one relying upon your needs.


Excellence: 6/10
Value: 9/10
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