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Review iPhone 11 Pro Max (4GB/512GB)

Review iPhone 11 Pro Max (4GB/512GB)


Excellent, premium Apple design, clad in a solitary bit of processed glass with a matte completion that spreads everything aside from the Apple logo and the smartphones' three cameras - it's somewhat more premium looking and advanced than the iPhone 11. Packs a progressively premium hardened steel outline (rather than the aluminum outline on the iPhone 11). 

The matte completion likewise implies it's more unique finger impression safe contrasted with the iPhone 11's gleaming back. It has IP68 water opposition, and increasingly strong glass, contrasted with a year ago's iPhones - truth be told, Apple guarantees the glass utilized on iPhone Pros is the "most sturdy glass utilized on a smartphone". Additionally, face ID is presently somewhat quicker and bolsters more face edges as well - which means you can hang over your iPhone laying on your footstool, and it will open. Tragically, the enormous showcase indent is still there.


Delightful, high-goals OLED show - truly outstanding on any smartphone - and much more brilliant than the fantastic OLED shows on a year ago's iPhone XS and XS Max. The iOS dim mode which is at last here looks incredible on the iPhone 11 Pros' OLED screen. It's additionally the biggest presentation of the 2019 iPhones - so in the event that you truly make the most of your motion pictures, this is the premium iPhone to get.


Apple realizes how to do programming great, and iOS keeps on being a natural, and smooth understanding - in addition to obviously, you get normal and auspicious updates. Unfortunately, Siri has by and large fallen behind Google Assistant currently, as far as helpfulness and insight, so iPhones are not the best 'shrewd partner' encounters now.


Break-neck speeds with the new A13 processor - it's somewhat quicker in single-entrusting, and a greater jump in performing multiple tasks, contrasted with the A12, which previously was the quickest portable chipset around - in basic terms this is the quickest smartphone out there now (alongside the iPhone 11 Pro models), and obviously runs spread smooth.

Review iPhone 11 Pro Max (4GB/512GB)


iPhones have consistently been among the top camera smartphones every year (alongside the Pixels, Galaxy Notes, Galaxy S, and Huawei leaders lately), and the iPhone 11 Pro Max proceeds with that convention getting some genuine camera upgrades to carry at standard with the best of the pack. The 2 key camera redesigns are - another ultrawide-point camera and a Night Mode for low-light photography - and every one of the 3 works very well. 

The ultrawide-edge camera can make for emotional shots - you get an extended view viewfinder that currently sees what's outside the shot, which can enable you to realize when to utilize the ultrawide focal point. Apple's adaptation of Night mode to is brilliant - it works consequently, taking an additional 1 to 3 seconds to catch all the more light and collect an image that winds up practically dreamlike and luxuriously hued (you will be wowed) - it's tantamount to the incredible Night modes on the Pixel 3 and the Huawei P30 Pro - the 2 smartphones that have so far been heroes of night photography. 

The fax camera with 2x zoom has a more extensive opening this time, which means it's superior to a year ago's iPhones at giving brilliant photographs when it's dull out. In the not so distant future, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will likewise offer another Deep Fusion highlight to perform pixel-by-pixel photograph handling to convey considerably more detail and better surfaces alongside less clamor - once more, you won't have to enact a different mode; it will simply kick in when you're inside and there's an average measure of light. iPhone camcorders have consistently been incredible, apparently, the best on any smartphone - in the iPhone 11 Pro Max they have a shockingly better adjustment for smoother video, and look better in darker spaces (however the camcorder doesn't utilize Night mode). 

The front camera is generally excellent as well, and is more extensive calculated this time - it can carefully zoom in or out to suit a more extensive view that incorporates more individuals and foundation. The front camera additionally gets another "moderate movement selfie video" include ("Slofies") - it's a fun component, to add some show to selfies. Generally speaking, the great cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro Max get it the top section, comparable to the next 2 top camera smartphones - the Pixel 3 and the Huawei P30 Pro. Tragically, the ultrawide-edge camera doesn't have Night Mode or OIS.


Fantastic sound capacities - Apple has presented a component called spatial sound to the iPhone 11 models, which makes a virtual sound stage to cause you to accept that the sound is leaving the screen as opposed to exactly toward the finish of the smartphone and it's very amazing in real life - besides, you likewise get Dolby Atmos support - once more, this is extraordinary compared to other sound arrangements on any smartphone.


The new U1 situating chip inside the majority of Apple's new iPhones will permit iPhone 11/Pro/Max proprietors to all the more effectively AirDrop records to one another by pointing their smartphones at explicit individuals - and numerous other intriguing area based applications could pursue soon.


Great battery life - improved essentially over the iPhone XS Max - by as much as 30% - with moderate utilization, you ought to easily get 1.5+ days-long stretches of utilization - generally speaking, battery life is the best of the 2019 iPhones. Quick charging help, and the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max additionally are the first iPhones to send with a packaged quick charger (at long last!).


The current year's iPhone 11 Pro Max is a top-notch refinement over the iPhone XS Max - it's progressively tough, quicker, has better cameras, better battery life - there probably won't be any stand-apart wow redesign here however it's an exceptionally important overhaul in every key zone. It's the premium iPhone to get this year in the event that you are searching for a blend of premium, and a huge screen for watching content. 

Tragically, having said that, it remains ludicrously costly - so it's just worth overdoing it on in the event that you have a great deal to spend lavishly. Also, on the off chance that you are not married to the iOS biological system, there are a few Android leads from Samsung, OnePlus, Google, Huawei, Asus, and Xiaomi - that are more than commendable contenders. In the event that you are married to the iOS biological system, the fundamentally less expensive iPhone 11, which is nearly as great in every single key region, will give you a vastly improved value for your money.


Excellence: 9/10
Value: 5/10

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  1. Aih, tragis sekali cuma dapat poin 5/10. Memoriny gede banget, ya. Tapi aku langsung fokus ke tatanan kameranya dan kawatir sama yang phobia sama lubang kecil

  2. Meski poin ga gede-gede amat di sini tapi kinerja iPhone mah masih dalam "golongan atas" ya

  3. Salah satu gadget impian nih, biasanya hanya setia dengan android. Tapi stelah lihat skornya jadi mikir lagi, apalagi lihat harganya yg fantastis.

  4. Wew skornya rendah ya? Padahal harganya ga rendahan. Sayang banget kalau tidak bisa memenuhi kebutuhan ya

  5. This iPhone 11 was strongly recommended by a friend when I visited Hong Kong last month. It was only 50% from the normal price in Indonesia. I probably don't require as I have another cellphone already. But, I can offering it to a friend in Indonesia, exactly, hahaha ...

    Wonder how much the price now, xixixi ...

  6. iPhone lebih murah ya kalo di beli di Hongkong, tapi aku emang mupeng sih sama produk ini karena awet dipakainya, beberapa teman yang pakai pernah cerita

  7. Kayaknya iphone ini deh yang dibelikan glen buat chelsea
    hahah liat di IG storinya, dia hepi banget dapet iphone ini
    aku liat jadi pengen juga punya. aamiin semoga punya hahaha

  8. Wih skornya 5dari 10 yaa..dengan harga yg selangit kok jadi sayang ya... Bertahan dulu di IPhone jadul selama masih bisa

  9. Pas aku ke Jepang bulan April kmrn ditoko apple antri beli apple 11 kalo ga salah dan lebih murah banget kalo beli di Jepang. Semoga habis baca ini dapat iPhone 11.aamiin ya Allah

  10. Selama masih bisa diupdate IOsnya hehehe... Tapi memang sih klo mnrtku IPhone tuh awet

  11. Very perfect specificated this smartphone. Kebetulan aku mencari handphone yang mendukung mobilitas kinerja.

  12. Iphone kalau sudah mengeluarkan ponsel terbarunya selalu elegan dan berkualitas, sesuai pula antara spek dan harga

  13. Night mode is a key feature that helps Apple catch up to similar capabilities from other competitors (Google, Huawei and Samsung). And so far, Apple's version is impressive (based on customer's review, not mine)

  14. Kameranya sungguh kekinian sekali ya..
    Dibanderol dengan harga berapa niih...iPhone 11 max Pro?


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