World of Cultivation (修真世界) Web Novel Review

World of Cultivation (修真世界) Web Novel Review
Friday, November 6, 2020
World of Cultivation (修真世界) Cover

Web Novel Details

Novel Title : World of Cultivation
Associated Names : Tu Chân Thế Giới, WoC, Xiuzhen Shijie, 修真世界
Type : Web Novel
Language : Chinese
Translated Language : English             
Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan 
Year : 2010
Translated Chapters So Far : 915/915 Chapters  (Complete)


An unknown disciple from a small sect battling against the strongest in the cultivation world! The long journey working at cultivation, the realization of destiny, and the chance to reach the apex of the world.

Zuo Mo is a zombie faced low level cultivator in a minor sect of a little world. Ever since he was picked up by the sect leader two years ago, he has no memories of his earlier life except a recurring nightmare. Navigating the rigid class structure and intricacies of the cultivation world, as one of the lowest possible of the lowest class, Zuo Mo’s dream is to earn money, and lots of it, through being a spiritual plant farmer. A chance occurrence reveals that someone powerful had changed Zuo’s features and erased his mind. The money grubbing zombie decides to set out on a journey of cultivation to find out answers. Fate colludes with chance, the drums of war are beating, the ghost of his past is coming


I am tired of most Xianxia. It seems to have lost it's novelty for me. Then I stumbled upon this gem.

I'll have you know, I only binge read 401 chapters in like 2.5 days. I didn't sleep through the night. This is truly an eye opener on what a proper novel, a properly well thought out Xianxia could be. I was disappointed that I did not find this sooner, but I'm glad I could binge almost half the story.

World of Cultivation (修真世界) Cover

Let's get on with the review.

Freaking amazing, hilarious but not forced. Unique and 3 dimensional characters that you care about. Common tropes used with shockingly good thought helps you from getting tired or bored. He takes common tropes and flips it like a hawt pancake. The pacing is absolutely wonderful. I enjoy reading the peaceful times and tense when reading the battle scenes. I don't find a single moment boring.

The world building starts out slow. You first know just about as much as the MC. As he grows, his knowledge and environment slowly expands. The details bring it life and the cultivation, the different groups and their interaction with one another is well thought out. If you like large scale wars between two big groups, then this really could be for you!.

Zuo Mo is the most interesting character I've read in a while. His love of Jingshi and that hard-working personality is really quite believable. Characters grow, but sometimes some MCs kind of lose their original personality. NOT OURS THOUGH. Such a pragmatist that would survive well anywhere. For a Xianxia novel, he must be a saint compared to other Kill-first-questions-later MCs. But he's not a saint because it's the right thing to do, but because it makes money! How he unknowingly gain respect and friends is amusing to read.

The side characters. Oh my. There are so many you think you'd lose track of who. But you don't. You might need a nudge of reminder, but the side characters each have their story and devotion that you can't forget them unless you tried. They aren't cardboard pieces of each common tropes. People can actually change!!! Notice the excitement in that.

When was the last time some snotty ass conceited side character who disses and bullies the MC ever get a second chance? Luo Li my man, I'm looking at you! You make me proud! You bring hope to snotty brats!.

There is an overarching goal I suppose, but it's so grand and far away, it's not the main focus atm. The arcs are all interesting, each with a goal in mind. It's not some random travel and discover, beat new enemies there, level up. The characters grow stronger together, but not at a crazy, ridiculous, are-you-sure-this-makes-sense kind of pace. Man, how I appreciate a weaker MC that grows stronger at his own pace.

As we get to later chapters, I realize that Zuo Mo is good at delegating. Not a perfect leader from the get go, but he is so resilient that he doesn't mind learning from others, namely, his subordinates. He has trust. Especially in the later chapters. MCs tend to be quite literally, gods. They can do anything and everything. Zuo Mo can't. And he knows it, embraces it and uses it to great advantage. Truly refreshing!.

ROMANCE! Let me just warn you that if you came to read this because of that tag, be warned that 401 chapters in, there is absolutely no romance. Unless of course you count the MCs immense LOVE of money. Maybe that's why the tag is there...

I can't find enough good things to say, and maybe that's cause I rushed to write this as soon as I caught up. I don't know if anyone would read such a long review, but I feel better now that I've shared my thoughts. I must make a special mention for the translating team who does such a wonderful, wonderful job. I can't believe this is updated daily. The quality of translation is superb, and I love the little TL notes at the end. Truly a 5/5 experience.

I can't wait to finish the story!
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  1. Wah marathon ya kak namatin baca komiknya, udah lama nggak baca komik bisa jadi referensi juga, makasih ya review-nya kak

  2. Aku suka nih model karakter kaya Zuo Mo yang awalnya bisa dibilang tidak ada yang wah lalu tumbuh dan jadi hebat. Ada proses yang kelihatannya menarik

  3. wowww luar biasa, ngga tidur buat ngebaca 400 chapter lebih.dan ternyata pecinta romansa harus gigit jari karena ngga ada di novel ini

  4. Ebuset dah itu beneran 2.5 hari gak tidur aku ga kebayang, kalo aku pasti kliyengan tuh plus anak dan suami ngamuk kalo 2.5 hari gak masak. Hahaha. Pasti itu sangat worth it di perjuangkan

  5. Hmm, tanpa cerita romance aku akan sulit membaca sebuah novel. Hehe, pecinta romance aku tuh.

  6. Salut sama kamu Bang, rajib banget baca web novel dan bahasa ingris pula.
    Aku paling banter baca buku anak-anak hahah, biar cepet diresensiin karena kan singkat bacanya.

  7. Udah lama banget nggak baca komik, apalagi yang action. Terkahir tuh baca komik Conan. Makasih Mas reviewnya.

  8. Oh,, jadi yang ini jalan ceritanya lebih natural gitu ya, jadi flow ceritanya enak untuk diikuti, dan karakter uatamanya juga berkembang secara logikal banget ya.

  9. Gak apa-apa gak ada kisah romance nya...
    Asalkan komiknya sangat menghibur dengan membaca sebanyak ini dan jadi super happy dengan karakter Zuo Mo.

  10. Novel dengan kualitas penerjemahan yang bagus memang bikin kita jadi betah baca sampai selesai. Saya sedang baca buku terjemahan yang ngga enak bgt struktur kalimatnya. Bikin males menyelesaikan sampai akhir, tapi tantangan juga sih utk kuat baca kualitas terjemahan yang ga bagus sampai selesai.